Link2One. Services that Make Worldwide Roaming Easy

Moving network operators from managing many bilateral relationships to a single relationship with the Link2One multilateral roaming hub is the cornerstone of our value proposition, but we do a lot more. To help you build your business and increase efficiency, we have developed services that simplify roaming management and processes.

Roaming Agreement

To join Link2One, you sign the hub roaming agreement. By signing the AA.73 agreement, you can achieve connectivity with all operators connected to the hub without additional individual agreements. You can also maintain bilateral relationships outside the hub.


All you need is one SCCP connection through the Link2One Hub. You don't need to change your SCCP provider. All you do is ask your Carrier provider for a connection to Link2One. If you prefer, you can benefit from Hub services while keeping your signaling outside the Hub. But please note, Link2One is not a substitute for your SS7 carrier.

SCCP Routing

IMSI is mapped to the Hub MGT and SMSC to the Hub's global title.

MTP Routing

This is an alternative routing solution when the SCCP routing cannot be supported by the client operator. No new ISPCs (International Signaling Point Codes) are needed as all signaling messages are routed to Link2One's ISPCs except for SMS mobile operator delivery, which is routed to the Hub's destination point code.


Access to the SS7 international network (voice) and GRX carrier (data) is required.

IP/Data connectivity

It uses the same IP alias method, so there is no additional implementation in other GRX.


For IREG and TADIG purposes, the different roaming services between operators connected to the Hub will be tested.

Regular QoS testing is performed with automated tests to verify all roaming connectivity between the members.

TestSIM Card Management

Link2One handles your test SIM cards. So the number of test SIM cards required is greatly reduced compared to bi-lateral roaming.

Network Services

Available services are voice, CAMEL, GPRS/3G/HSPDA and SMS roaming. Data and CAMEL can only be delivered after voice services have been launched in Link2One Hub.

Roaming Relation Manager

The Link2One portal application will help you to launch online new roaming connections and services and give you an overview about your active connections. Our genuine launch cycle supports launches in an effective and recurrent manner.