About L2O

Link2One. Simplify Roaming Partner Management

Established in August 2008, Link2One is one of the largest enablers of roaming hub connectivity in the world.

Increase Efficiency. Save Time and Money.

Bilateral roaming relationships are recognized as the industry standard, but managing such relationships brings significant cost when supporting exponential growth in critical new services and technology.

Link2One offers you a simple solution: with just one agreement and one connection to the Hub, you can gain roaming coverage around the world. With a few simple network and billing configurations, you can be up and running on Link2One’s single IMSI Roaming Hub. Your revenue will increase and your operating costs will go down.

With Link2One managing your roaming relationships is more efficient, so you will have more time to focus on your core business.

Launch New Products and Connect to New Operators Faster

New operators join the Link2One Hub monthly, enabling you to constantly benefit from additional connectivity. You will also be able to get your new products to market faster and increase roaming service availability to your subscribers as partners reciprocate with their new roaming services.

Get Immediate Access to Technologies and Services

With Link2One, you'll gain immediate access to all GSM roaming technologies, including 3G, CAMEL and GPRS. Plus, we support services such as SMS roaming and MMS roaming.

Your connection will be tested once when you connect with the Link2One hub for the first time, then all additional connections with hub members will be verified automatically with regular Quality of Service tests.

Simplify Clearing and Settlement

Link2One provides you with a single financial clearing and settlement pool with integrated payments. A powerful Web interface allows you to monitor your financial settlement, invoices, debt process and positions in real time. Our automated reconciliation ensures that you settle as quickly and accurately as possible. By simplifying your payment process, we reduce your administrative costs. Financial Clearing is an optional service.

Maintain Bilateral IOT Negotiation and Steering

You keep control as you can run your IOT (interoperator tariff) and traffic steering independently. The IOT is transparent and is offered by each individual roaming partner. There is no hub mark-up.

Increase Coverage Around the World

Link2One is one of the fastest growing open connectivity roaming hub in the world, with more than 200 connected operators and adds new MNOs (mobile network operators) and services every month. When you join Link2One, you connect immediately to new operators worldwide. You can also migrate any bilateral relationship to Link2One in case you want to increase non bilateral launched services like 3G, GPRS or CAMEL.

Use Our Experience to Build Your Business

Link2One was created by industry veterans to help our customers make their roaming business more profitable. It is a genuinely straightforward solution to provide your subscribers with broad roaming connectivity. Link2One is a partner you can trust to provide rapid connectivity for existing and emerging technologies.

Join the Link2One Hub now! You will gain these benefits:

  • Simplified international roaming connectivity
  • Increased efficiency
  • Continuous expansion of roaming coverage